13 March 2011

Fake Christians / Fake Catholics

One who has the supernatural faith in Christ cannot believe that truth is subjective, or that it cannot be known.  Christ, Truth Incarnate, came, suffered and died that we might have Truth live within us.  The false belief that truth is subjective denies that Christ is God the Son.  

One who believes that Christian "unity" means anything other than those who profess to love Christ should be in the one, true, holy and apostolic church as the (ordinary) means for salvation, are fake Christians, or otherwise to be known as fake Catholics.  Christ sent us the Paraclete on Pentecost, that his Bride might be united to Him in the Mystical Body, giving his Authority to the Apostles and through their successors through the means he gave to them.  Anyone who denies this denies Christ as God, Truth Incarnate, and implies rather that he is a liar. God never intended his Church, which came about through the Sacrifice of His only Son, to be united to, and therefore eventually indoctrinated and led by, false doctrines.  Also, God the Father never intended that His Holy Bride would begin by the Holy Ghost that She might have teachings that would be in error and passed on in darkness.  Novelty is false because the teachings were handed down already, and there was never, nor will there ever be, a second Pentecost.

Let us be peacemakers in this short life, but it must start with the one true God and God alone.  Whenever one sells out his faith for human respect, he denies the truth of Christ's Passion and Resurrection, and sells his inheritance "for a plate of lentils".  

Truth cannot be united to a lie, for when the smallest lie enters into even a large portion of truth, the whole becomes a lie.  There are no half-truths in the one, true religion, only what was give to us by God the Father, by the actions of grace from Christ's suffering, death and resurrection, and the Holy Ghost's subsequent beginning of the Church.  One God.  One Truth exists in one, true Church.  Suggest that one aspect of dogma can be sacrificed or even appear to be lessened for the sake of "unity" that places man at the level of God (or above, for that matter), then be aware that you deny God the Holy Ghost, who has given you to the Truth at your Baptism.

Those who insist in your human respect, who would, if given the choice, rather live in this life forever than be united to Christ for eternity, admit that your faith is only on the natural level and wounded mortally, since there is no imperfection in God and no disunity in Himself, Truth Incarnate, for you have sinned against the graces of your Baptism.  For this, God has removed from the supernatural life of faith since your Baptism.  All the wounds now that must be recovered can only begin to heal once you turn back to the Mother of God, and through her only Son, Jesus Christ, by way of the Apostolic succession, give you back to her son in the Sacrament of Penance.

Do you, who lives quietly and contently in heresy, believe that the truth cannot be known, as if God, Himself, is powerless to the confusion sown by the devil, and perpetuated by rebellious men?  Do you not know that those who profess to be Christian yet are not Catholic, are taught to hate and distrust the teachings of the Bride of Christ?   Do you think that the Church's infallible teachings, including Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus, is somehow flawed in the same way as if Her dogmas came of man and not God?  

Then, know this, that you, above all others, place the Cross of Suffering on Jesus Christ, and hammer in the nails to keep him there as long as you remain united to heresy and not to the fullness of the faith.

You see the Church's Visible Body as a mangled corpse for all to see, that she is nothing to look upon, but to only deride and distrust.  She, the Bride of Christ, denied as the Truth of God Incarnate was denied, ridiculed and disrespected in the same way as was Christ on the Cross.  What is it she can learn from man, especially any man who has separated from her?   She was not made by man, but lives visibly by the appointment of JESUS and its Life is Christ's Mystical Body, which lives in His children through the means He has appointed --- the Sacraments.  Deny any one part, and you deny the whole, because you would have to deny the Whole is, in fact, whole, and is something less than given to us by God.

We Catholics learn from Christ through what he has handed down through the Apostles, not by listening to heretics.   Does this sound hateful?   Nothing is more hateful than to not wish your brother be converted to the Truth.  Firstly, however, you must wish it for yourself.

May we each pray that God will send of graces of understanding, leading us on to the one true, holy path of obedience to Christ in his Church, since his Holy Bride is here, on earth, and we have just a short opportunity to come to him through her.

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