21 March 2011

Naming of the Catholic Church

I hear this so often, it is bizarre.  It must be due to the fact that so few Catholics know even basic things about the faith, that Protestants and others outside the Church accuse the Catholic Church of having artificially began a long time after the Apostles by the Roman Emperor Constantine.  

While I a don't recommend Catholic Answers as a resource in general, this particular video makes some of the basic points in response to, "Wasn't the Catholic Church started by the Emperor Constantine?"

Another point to make is that St. Ignatius of Antioch used the word to help Christians discern which churches were authentically Christian.  He used two Greek words, "kato" and "licas" to describe that the Church's teachings were handed down by the Apostles from God the Son, and could not be altered, and that they were therefore, true for all peoples, all places, and for all times.

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