27 March 2016

How to Find Beauty and/or Truth



The Jews rejected Christ because he came and did nothing more than miracles that pointed back to his divinity.  That wasn't enough simply because they wanted a messiah that would bring them have the riches and power over the things of this world.   Some might assert that the Jews were "surprised" to see the Messiah in such a meek state, but no highly devout Jew, well-versed in scripture would have or should have been surprised by this, because of the writings of the prophets.

Jesus Christ's meekness was NOT a political statement that pointed back to himself and vertically to the natural order, but ordered everything to God the Father, even himself being divine.  He began to prove this when he celebrated the first sacrifice, not as the traditional pascal feast of a perfect lamb being sacrificed, but of HIMSELF as the sacrifice.  Here was the turning point for one of his disciples, that was scandalzied by this act of the Institution of the Holy Eucharist.   Judas refused to have a messiah that would allow himself to be a victim.  Judas essentially refused also the Good Friday of Jesus, although, running from it, he never-the-less participated by his refusing Christ's Sacrifice, and denying obedience to him.  Yet, he came back and kissed him on the cheek, and seeing the true divine goodness of Christ in Christ's response, he fell into despair.  Here he refuses also now, the promise of the Resurrection.

Do we forget our supernaturally supplied faith, hope and/or charity?  How often do we take for granted the Cross of Christ; His Passion and death, and his Resurrection?   How often do we take for granted the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass --- the true body and blood of Jesus in the Most Holy Eucharist, when we do not regard first and lastly HIS Holy Will?

The remedy:

Pray daily in silence.  If you seek truth (in this world), seek (rather) Christ.  If you seek beauty, seek Christ.  If you seek unity, seek Christ.  If you seek any goodness, seek it in Christ, and you will find the origins of any true goodness firstly in God, for any created goodness pales by comparison to its Creator.  If you seek love, seek Christ, because there is no greater example of love in this world past, future or present, than that of Christ's love for you.  Seek Christ in quiet consideration and prayer, and ask him to bring you more graces to create in you a new will that longs for the things that obey his will, and you will find all truth, all beauty, all peace and goodness in him.