21 March 2011

Vere Languores Nostros

I'm not sure if I've posted this last year, but I've never seen this particular rendition, and it is worth sharing big time.  This is absolutely amazing.  Listen to these incredibly, well-defined dynamics, even within a single phrase.  It's so seamless and perfect* (*never mind the little boys moving about and scratching their heads, just listen to their singing).

Some note on this music:
A 4-voice (SATB) motet composed for Maundy Thursday. The Latin text comes from the Service ofTenebrae (III Responsory of I Nocturn). English Translation: ´Surely, he has borne our grieves, and has carried our sorrows; by his suffering we have been healed. Sweet wood, sweet iron, bearing a sweeter burden; you only were deemed worthy to uphold the heavenly King and Lord.´

The last line is very much like the last line of the chorus part of the Gregorian chant within the liturgy of Good Friday at the Adoration of the Cross.  It is taken from the Pange Lingua, composed by St. Venantius Fortunatus, Bishop of Poitiers.  (Interesting note: the Ave Maris Stella is also often attributed to him.)

Here is the Latin of the chorus portion of the Crux Fidelis:

Crux fidelis, inter omnes arbor una nobilis,
nulla talem silva profert flore, fronde, germine,
dulce lignum dulce clavo dulce pondus sustinens.

FAITHFUL Cross! above all other, one and only noble Tree!
None in foliage, none in blossom, none in fruit thy peers may be; sweetest wood and sweetest iron!
Sweetest Weight is hung on thee!

You can see the similarities in Victoria's Vere Languores as compared to the portion of the Crux Fidelis.

Here is a more popularized version of "Vere Languores" as composed by Antonio Lotti.  I'm sorry I can't find one that has male voices that is worth sharing.  (Please comment and share the link if you find a strong, male or mixed choir performance on YouTube of Lotti's version.) This is a young, female choir, but they do a decent job with it:

The translation for this version is taken straight from Isaias/Isaiah 53:4:
" Surely he hath borne our infirmities and carried our sorrows"

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