29 March 2011

Love Note to a Heretic


Dear Obstinate, Lost One,
Portion of Rembrant's The Prodigal Son

Just a now I heard a man blast you for sewing hurt with your words.  He said that you called people like us  "terrorists" who although have clarity on liturgical issues, are lacking in charity.  I am sorry you have seen it that way.  Aren't we all "lacking in charity", to one degree or another, as we are meaning to grow more like Christ?

Somehow, many people like me have given you the impression that we love the liturgy as an end to itself, as a type of cultural identity.  I can only speak for myself, and that is not the case for me.  The liturgy is a means for one to be united to Christ, and he gave it to us through the Holy Ghost for that purpose.  Now, I know you can say the same about anything else, but let's not get into that now.  My concern is to make known my love now, since we never know how much time we have left here.

While you have brought me great pain from your actions, both directly and indirectly --- by causing others that I love deeply much pain and confusion, and even distrust in the Church and even in God Himself, I separate your actions from the person.  It is this person, this lost family member, that I feel a sadness for the separation and wish you to come back home to the Church.  You, like me, were made in the image of my Beloved, and were given a soul to live in an eternity.

God knows I would willing give my (natural) life for you to come back.  Why?  Because the farther off one is, the more glory it bring to God when he returns, and rightfully so.  What great supernatural humility it would require!  Go to Mary and she will suit you with the graces of the Holy Ghost to find your way back.  

Until then, I will not call you insults or threaten you, and nothing you can say or do can discourage me for I am armed by the grace of Christ, through the love of his holy, Virgin Mother.  What may appear now as a battle, is only for a short time, and the greater the fight the greater the promise for victory.  Why would I give up happiness in this life to save the soul of the one that has hurt so many?   The greatest suffering known to man was borne by our sins, taken on willingly by Jesus, in order that among us many might be saved. You, most especially, who are so far away even while in the Visible Body of the Church, my family here on earth, would give him glory should you repent and turn back to him.  Out of love for him, I would sacrifice for you to come to the Mystical Body of Christ and win heaven, should it please the Lord.  He is my example, and I remember every day that he suffered and died out of love for me.  May the same remembrance be increased in every moment I obey his holy will.  Though he will probably not ask me to become a martyr, I gladly enjoin every suffering caused by your misunderstanding, to his holy Cross.

May you find that true charity resides in God and God alone, and that we love our neighbor out of love of Him who loved us first, and gives us the ability to love as He loves.

Anonymous Catholic