22 December 2010

Gabriel Appeared

A few weeks delayed, but I couldn't resist posting this, one of my favorite videos.  It is of a Russian Orthodox choir singing a very solemn hymn, "Gabriel Appeared."  See if you can follow the words along with the music, and pray for our absent brothers to rejoin under the Chair of Peter (and that the mainstream Catholics within the Church learn that worship must not only be under the Authority of God by the Chair of Peter, but also worship oriented to GOD, and not to each other).   These lyrics are so POWERFUL and the music is so expressive; it is easy to follow them even without knowing Russian. See, if you have time, if you can't follow them, and find the part where the soloist sings, "Rejoice, O depth hard to fathom!" and see how the choir follows this part. How very solemn, yes, indeed, Miss Caroline! (HINT in following: It seems that the choir sings the 'intro', with the soloist taking the part of the angel, St. Gabriel.)  Even the angel Gabriel finds that the depth of this mystery is even hard for him to fathom! And he beholds the beatific vision!

When the angels bow and tremble in awe, who are we not to be in the most solemn disposition interiorly and exteriorly when approaching our Lord's True Presence in the tabernacle, when entering a Catholic church, and most especially when anticipating and witnessing the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass?

English translation:

Gabriel stood before thee, O Maiden, 
Revealing the pre-eternal counsel, 
Saluting thee and exclaiming: 

"Rejoice, O earth unsown!
Rejoice, O bush unburnt! 
Rejoice, O depth hard to fathom! 
Rejoice, O bridge leading to the heavens and lofty ladder, which Jacob beheld! 
Rejoice, O divine jar of Manna! 
Rejoice, annulment of the curse! 
Rejoice, restoration of Adam: the Lord is with thee!"

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