23 May 2010

Sermon on the Feast of St. Bernardine, Holy Purity and Chastity


Here is a sermon that begins with a little bit about St. Bernardine, who I wrote a little bit about regarding his devotion to St. Joseph.  St. Bernardine, besides having a devotion to the Holy Name of Jesus, and promoting the devotion to St. Joseph (his holy example and powerful intercession), but he was also a great promoter of chastity (which goes hand in hand with devotion to the foster father of Jesus).

There are some personal remarks I wish to make on this in the near future.   Although I generally do not like to make personal remarks on my blog, I wish to do so to exhort my friends to pursue with increase rigor both devotion to St. Joseph and to holy purity and chastity. 

Since Blogger doesn't make easy (not impossible, just not very easy) to upload audios unless they are already on another server, I decided to make this audio into a video and then upload it here.  As a result, some of the pictures do not always coincide with the concurrent audio.  Also, the very beginning of the audio did not get recorded.  All it was anyway was a part of the introduction where the priest mentions some virtues of St. Bernardine, whose feast was celebrated this past Thurday.

Speaking of holy purity, here is ... A Great Website on St. Gemma

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