09 May 2010

A Love Letter to My Mother

Dear Mother,
This Mother's Day, I wished to tell show you how much you mean to me.  I hope you liked the roses I gave  you, although, they were not as beautiful as many other roses by more devoted children. 

It is difficult for me to say how greatful I am to you in any other way than to say that I know that every peace and joy I have in my life is because you arranged for me to have these things.  You seek not only for me to have the best, but the best of the best in life. 

Mama, let me never be ashamed to attempt to tell the world of your great love, and how much you have loved and continue to love me.  You are so generous, I wish each and every person would love you at least as much.   How happy they would be if the came to you!  And I never feel left out by you, because you make me feel always so loved, eventhough I am far from the most devoted of your children.

Thank you, also, for all the 'little' things you have done for me.  Even when you are not physically here with me, these little gifts are reminders of your love, and of the greater gifts given to you that you shared with me.  Please know that I treasure these relatively smaller gifts, and that they are a big help to me day to day in all my tasks.  I remember how much you suffered in this life because of me.  Yet, you chose to suffer out of Love, and still you had the love in your heart to adopt me into your most royal family.

Thank you for not giving up on me and for everything you had done for me, still yet even giving me a portion of your incomparable faith, for without it I could not obey let alone believe.  Even while you are in Heaven your presence is all the more known.  Heaven itself seems to bow to you, as it seems so much closer for your love and affection.  Thank you for recommending me to to your son, and thank him for me for recommending me to you. I did not know how much how either of you cared for me until I came to you. Humble mother, you looked on me with pity, and gave me much which was yours. It seems, even still today, that you would do anything for me, even as if I was he who is your first and only child born of your womb. By his love I become a member of your family by blood, but because in your obedience you said to the Father, "Fiat."

Mama, give to Him for me my 'fiat':
Beata Dies Matris!

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