15 October 2014

When Conservatives Are Confused By Liberals - Part I

There is asaying that liberals win arguments by first redefininig the terms.  Libs do this by redefining terms in order that the conservatives debate with a handicap; already they are forming the argument by these redefined terms which distort reality with an obtuse, left-leaning pardigm.

A Left-Leaning, Obtuse Triangle...lol
So many people, Catholics not excluded, want to idealize economic systems.   Catholics even idealize a system to the point of suggesting it is "Catholic".  No economic system is perfect, in its employment.  Yet, so many of us have bought into the issue being of the "haves and have nots", the "99% vs. the 1%".   We already know that man may not commit evil that good may come of it.  If one subscribes to the truth of the existence of Divine Providence, and the natural moral law that man has a right to private property, we cannot steal from the rich to give to the poor.  Stealing is part of injustice.  Charity, however, is the love of God firstly, and the love of neighbor out of love of God.  It is the right of the individual to have the FREEDOM to chose the good of giving to others who are in need, out of charity --- not justice.  The New Age/Masonic leaders within the visible Church have coined the liberal term, "social justice" to, in effect, promote socialist ideas.  However, it is this type of stealing --- being presented and promoted as "justice" --- which has at it's core the malice of keeping covered the true injustices which are at the very cause of the lack of charity, and the suffering of the poor, both naturally and supernaturally speaking.

Now, if a person has an inheritance, it is their right by Providence, just as any natural good as a property.   The muslim religion teaches that if a man is caught teaching, his hand is to be cut off.  The true God, however, teaches that a man could cut his own hand off if he steals --- not someone else's if he steals.  The point is to do mortification and penance as a violence to the self-will --- as means of GREATER GLORY TO GOD by submission, which is at the heart of the evil, not the hand itself.  But, we as Christians often times suggest that if someone has "too much", the government should demand that they give to others. This, then, in turn, suggests that the government has the ultimate right to property, rather than the individual, which in turn, removes, to an extent, true freedom --- the right of man to choose the good.  It's this freedom of choice to do the good that honors God through use of resources, in the employment of CHARITY.

So where is the injustice?   There is another saying, "the art of deception lies in the ability to create a plausible diversion."   The liberal media and tail wagging the dog has been in defining the argument in order to create that plausible diversion.   It is true that there is a tremendous imbalance of resources, but the evil is not there, but in how these resources are more often than not accumulated.
This most clever deception is probably history's most successful employment of black propaganda, since it is the premise of both the liberals and many conservatives today, who ironically, all fail to ask, "How did we get here?"

And that is PRECISELY what the governments, along with the devil, DO NOT want you to ask.

We got to this imbalance of resources by true evils.  Just to name a few:
  • Usury
  • Fraud
  • Utilitarianism/Exploitation of Labor
  • Patronising of Communist nations
  • The promotion of vice (i.e.: avarice, perversion, immodesty)
  • Contraception 
  • Lack of acknowledging the value of life from natural conception to natural death
  • The lack of reverence to the solemn and sacred, recognizing the Transcendent nature of the Divine and divine truths.
  • Lack of personal accountability
So there are a lot of things to rant about here, but I will only touch upon each very briefly.

Usuary:   To many people are committing usury in order to live higher than their state.  Keeping up with the Jones is not a cardinal virtue.  It is not a virtue at all.  If one must borrow on interest, let it be out of necessity according to his state, that he can pay it off in a timely fashion.  Outside of that, it is cooperating with an evil and thus gravely sinful.  By the way, the "1%" becomes rich out of the greed of the lower and middle classes who allow themselves to be charged for things needlessly.

Fraud:   Hedge funds, I don't care how the nitwits on Wall Street, or in the gigantic financial firms across the globe, or the university professors of modern finance spin them, are nothing but a legal form of high profile FRAUD.  Maybe the argument that they are, in fact, fraudulent obviously lessens when it comes to the first degree, the investors, however, there is a lot of shell game tactics involved even in their presentation to the point where it is fraud through and through.  Not only that, but it promotes greed and avarice, not to mention that on the natural level, it causes for economic stability long-term.

Utilitarianism/Exploitation of Labor:  This is a BIG one.  The Catholic Church teaches that if any company requires, in order to be competitive within its market, that its lowest paid workers receive less than a living wage* (*generally determined by a wage that permits a man to support a wife and children by full-time hours, usually 40 hours per week on average), then that company has no business being in business.   Please refer to Rerum Novarum and Quadragesimo Anno.

Which brings me to...
The Patronising of Communist nations:   Oh, hey, here's a suggestion ---- Rather than taxing the rich disproportionately for being rich, why not PENALIZE THEM for sending American jobs overseas to countries who commit moral slave, labor attrocities?   And, while your at it, tax goods that are made by countries who exploit their labor by not providing a living wage and/or who employ children?  Hmmm??? Oh no, some of you would rather take away the wealthy all together of those who were able to make in the first place.  Well, honestly, if we are so more worthy then let us do justice to God according to our state, and be examples of integrity.  Force the hand of the wealthy to use their ingenuity to create wealth for this country, by penalizing not those with wealth non-discerningly --- which should not by the government's role but GOD's, but by penalizing the patronizing of Communistic fueled economies.  Also, having less availability of cheaper goods would create a demand for more American goods, and in turn, give us back our options of goods with value, along with job creation.

I think I'm going to make a Part II for these next issues...