11 August 2014

Daily Morning Invocation to Two to Whom I Owe All

+ Most Powerful and Holy Mother Mary, Most Obedient to the Father, Virginal Spouse of the Holy Ghost, and Mother of God the Son, I invoke you for this day under the title, Queen of All the Angels. By placing my hand on my heart, I renew my vows of Consecration to Jesus through your intercession and this request for your assistance. Keep me from all sin, and take issue with every temptation. Calm my fears, anxieties, and fill me with holy hope and trust in the Lord. Make my heart full of this love that while I am still being made pure, that holy obedience is my first desire in all things. Let not my actions add to your sorrows, but rather, wash all evil inclinations within and attacks from the outside with the Precious Blood of your son, Jesus. By this Precious Blood, heal all old wounds, and bring increased peace into my heart. Grant me an increase in piety, wisdom and prudence to order my priorities that I may fulfill my duties according to your holy will. Make me so obedient, that I may be and remain for eternity your worthy daughter/son. Amen.+ (This prayer is to be repeated at the beginning of each day. Every time, throughout the day, when you place your hand upon your heart, you renew this prayer's request.)