12 June 2011

Scandal Involving a Priest

Whenever you learn any scandal about a priest, remember this: Even the Blessed Virgin Mother of God the Son would bow to any priest. It's never right to commit evil that good may come of it --- gossip is always wrong.

I should add: gossip is always evil, but when it comes from a priest it is more so. He is still a priest, therefore, you are all the more obliged to pray for his soul.  I've heard the excuse that it is gossip only when the sin is not otherwise known publicly, but sometimes the sins that are 'known' publicly are spread maliciously and may even be false. Guard your tongue if you wish to not offend God. If you are tempted, offer it up to God, Who is never out done in charity and will promptly reward you in merit and graces. When you honor a priest, you honor He Who made the man a priest. If the gossip is of true account, remember it is still gossip, and unless your discussion has at it's heart some immediate and objective moral value to the hearer, then you do no good in such conversation. The matter can only be rectified by the proper authority.  

Shun conversation of those that take perverse delight in the scandals involving priests --- no mater how pious they otherwise seem. Very few things are as poisonous to the soul.

If you are the one seriously wronged by a priest, remember you honor God by honoring the office of the priest, as it was not given to him by man but by God.  See it as a sign of warning to you and to all as to how one can still fall far from God's grace, even when much is given.  God never gives anyone more than they can withstand, as with priests, whom He gives all the graces they need to fulfill their office.  The soul of the priest is at greater risk.  Do not be scandalized as the Church is always the Bride of Christ, although some members that are merely visible members may be dead to mortal sin, pray that they come back to supernatural life.  When reporting the issue, make sure you go straight to the person who is his next superior, and insist on not reporting to anyone else but his superior.   Sometimes even well-intended persons may get involved in things that should not be their jurisdiction.  

Few things are more hurtful to the heart and emotional stability of a person who has been seriously wronged by their priest.   Just always remember that no matter what anyone does to you, God is always the same, and His Bride always contains the deposit of truth that will never change.  God will always be with one who is true to Him and He will shower you with grace in your time of trial as far as you continue in the faith Jesus Christ won for you by the Cross.  Remember this when you pray the "Our Father", and in thanksgiving for God's mercy towards you, use your sufferings to gain help for the priest that has otherwise hurt you.  No one can take away your faith.+