02 June 2009

Hypocrasy of Liberal Media: Calling Pro-lifers "Domestic Terrorists"

It's plain absurd that pro-abortionists are calling those prolife citizens of America "domestic terrorists" if they use words such as "killing" and "murder" (regarding abortion). Do they expect us to say, "we're against the termination of unwanted growths within a woman's womb?" If we speak in such generalities, the point of the debate is lost. Who wouldn't be against getting rid of an unwanted tumor? But aborted babies aren't merely pieces of unwanted, inconvenient flesh --- they are humans and that normally live in the womb before their natural birth. The act of terminating a life is known as a killing. When soldiers die in acts of violence, we say that they were killed. The only exception I can think of is when it is a criminal on death row, then we say he or she was executed. But we're talking about innocent, human babies.

Have you noticed that there is so little media play regarding the army recruiter who was recently shot dead by a American Muslim? Strange.

Read What Bonnie Erbe calls "Prolife Extremists" and what the penalties should be

Bonnie Backtracks

Commentary Re.: Bonnie Erbe's Statements

It is not surprising to me that Bonnie Erbe, host of "To the Contrary" (broadcasted on over 400 PBS tv stations across the US) backtracked tremendously from her inflammatory, highly prejudicial remarks against prolifers. Why am I not surprised? Because it was right after I spoke with her boss, Joyce Fowler, Executive Producer of Persephone Productions about the US News & World Report article. Ms. Fowler was generous with her time, and although I assume we have a very different understanding of morality on the point of abortion, she made the point to say that she would not expect that of Bonnie on her show, and that she was altogether surprised that Bonnie would say that anywhere. (Ms. Fowler had first heard of the article when I brought it to her attention yesterday morning.)

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