13 May 2009

All Spotless Heart

Here is one of my favorite Marian lyrics. It was put to music by C.A. Carroll, and the lyrics were written by Josephine Errington in/around 1902.


All spotless heart, no breath of sin e'er marred thy purity,
The shining choirs of angels show quite dim and dark by thee.
O fountain sealed, O garden closed where God doth take delight
Obtain for us pure hearts, to love and honor the aright.

Most valiant heart, that 'neath the cross of Jesus didst not quail,
It was thy mighty love for Him that would not let thee fail.
Teach us thy self forgetting love, and make us strong like thee,
Then ask thy Son that we may stand upon Mount Calvary.

Most tender heart, no floods of grief thy love could ever drown;
The sorrows which once pierced thee through are now thy fairest crown.
O Mother dearest, sweetest, best, their love who can restrain?
Right well thy grateful children know they cannot trust in vain.+

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